Gunmachan-chi in Ginza aims at a communication shop that is a bit different from an ordinary showroom.

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October 26th(Sat)▶27th(Sun) Event

Traditional Japanese snacks from a longstanding purveyor

This sampling and sales event showcases a confectioner whose traditions date back to the Meiji era. Come try a fresh twist on traditional Japanese snacks, including chocolate gâteau made using red bean paste and nerikiri flavored with chocolate mint.

October 25th(Fri) Event

Joshu purveyor chicken rice limited-availability sale

Our hugely popular Joshu purveyor chicken rice bento boxes (750) from last month are on sale again! This signature product features delicious thin-sliced chicken in a secret sauce that pairs perfectly with rice.
Note:Only 100 available

October 22th(Tue) Event

Gunma local sake tasting event

We’re holding a tasting event with local Gunma sake, which is one of the best things about fall! Hiya-oroshi is a special type of sake reserved for fall, and it goes great with the season’s delicious ingredients. Come find your favorite!

October 21th(Mon)▶27th(Sun) Event

Promotional event: Certified Akagi-no-Megumi brand products from Maebashi

This event showcases Akagi-no-Megumi brand products officially certified by the city of Maebashi. The sweet treat sales event will be held only on the weekend (October 26-27)
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1F・2F, The ORB Luminous, 7-10-5, Ginza, Chuo-ku, Tokyo

【Open Hours】
Restaurant “Ginza TSURU” :11:30am-10:00pm (Sundays and Holidays 11:30am-3:00pm)
Open All Year Round (Except the year-end and new year holidays)

Main number:+81-(0)3-3571-3086
Restaurant “Ginza TSURU”:+81-(0)3-3571-7763


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