Gunmachan-chi in Ginza aims at a communication shop that is a bit different from an ordinary showroom.

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December 28th(Sat)▶29th(Sun) Event

New Year soba sampling and sale event

Delicious noodles made and dried by hand at Kadoya in the town of Minakami are prepared so that your family can enjoy them at home. Perfect for making New Year soba!

December 23th(Mon)▶30th(Mon) Event

New Year Ekiden 2020

Top runners come from all over Japan for the New Year Ekiden road relay race held on January 1. Learn about the highlights and runners to watch at this informational event.

December 22th(Sun) Event

Stewed offal sampling and sale event

Our stewed offal is made to be ultra-mild using Joshu beef and Joshu pork cuts. This premium offal is marinated in a sweet secret sauce and cooked so that it retains its delightfully springy texture.

December 21th(Sat) Event

Oni-himokawa meat broth udon sampling and sale event

Freshly-boiled, 5-cm wide Oni-himokawa udon noodles have won best local udon in Japan for three years running. It’s fantastic in this thick, rich, sweet meat broth.
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1F・2F, The ORB Luminous, 7-10-5, Ginza, Chuo-ku, Tokyo

【Open Hours】
Restaurant “Ginza TSURU” :11:30am-10:00pm (Sundays and Holidays 11:30am-3:00pm)
Open All Year Round (Except the year-end and new year holidays)

Main number:+81-(0)3-3571-3086
Restaurant “Ginza TSURU”:+81-(0)3-3571-7763


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